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The iDDEntity Card & It's Benefits:

Dance iDDEntity was created by Dance Design Events who are producers of large-scale dance events and competitions including the UK's biggest group dance competition, "That's Showbiz".

Dance iDDEntity membership cards were first introduced at our events three years ago. We introduced the cards at our events to help streamline our registration system while complying with child licencing regulations.

The system also meant we could run the fairest competition, as all the cards are verified, to confirm the dancer's date of birth. Meaning we can check if any discrepancies are raised concerning a dancer's age

Dance iDDEntity cards are ideal for all dancers who attend dance schools or wish to perform.

The Dance iDDEntity system has been under consistent development over the past three years since its release and is now a well-established and seamless process of our event registration.

Dance Schools & Studio Use

The system lends itself to so much more than just registration, it can be flawlessly integrated into dance schools, relieving the pressure on principals and teachers by collating each child's emergency contact details, medical notes, verified age and manages access control for child movements and the transfer of responsibility between parents and chaperones and teachers both at the studio and whilst attending events.

We believe the system will vastly improve your check-in process that can often be lengthy at the studio when dealing with large numbers.

The iDDEntity card seamlessly manages these challenges, it adds another layer of security and there are a number of other benefits due to be rolled out in the coming months.

Benefits such as a record of credits for competitions & workshops, discounts with partnered retail brands and much, much more!

Safeguarding & Licensing

Teachers and event organisers have a huge responsibility to adhere to child performance regulations, along with keeping all the children safe at all times.

These obligations take precedent over everything else, and rightfully so! Our system has been approved and commended by many Local Education Authorities.

The iDDEntity system improves and streamlines existing processes, which in turn frees up capacity to improve other areas of the child's experience.

Our company is; GDPR compliant, is registered with the ICO and our privacy policy is available to view on our website.

Helping Local Authority

If you attend any of our events, then your Dance School iDDEntity cards will replace the generic Dance iDDEntity cards, so you can use them at all of our competitions without having to apply for new cards.

We are happy for other companies to use our system provided they have received our approval. If you run a competition or a festival and wish to use Dance iDDEntity for registration & proof of age, then please feel free to get in touch with us at:

Your Membership:

£ 10.00/YR


Competition-Ready iDDEntity Card

£ 7.50


Dancer iDDEntity Card

£ 5.00


iDDEntity Cards

£ 5.00


iDDEntity Card
Designed specifically for performers

Competition Management

Simplifying and enhancing all aspects of competition involvement

Classroom Management

A safe and secure system to record attendance, qualifications achieved and emergency information

Electronic Payments

Pay for membership and a range of carefully selected useful items using the secure online shop



  • There is no official expiry date, it will be up to you as a school to decide if the cards need renewing. You many wish to renew annually or bi-annualy to keep photos updated.
  • If your school doesn't take part in competitons and you don't need the cards for proof of age then you can apply for school ready cards. This means that your parents don't need to submit proof of age during the registration process. The cards still have the same function but can't be used at DDE productions or other approved competitions or festivals.
  • Each dancer will create their own secure profile on our website and either a photo of their passport or birth certificate can be uploaded and our team will be ready to approve and produce your dancer's iDDEntity card. We use SSL encryption for our website and so all details will remain safe and confidential and fully GDPR compliant.
  • Teachers and chaperones attending a DDE production can apply for a card for free, we will issue 100% coupon discount codes to the schools upon registering for one of our events. All other teachers and chaperones wanting a card will be charged £5.00 per card.
  • Dancers can make payment online when they complete their application. As a dance teacher this saves you all of the extra administrative duties and collecting payments from your dancers/parents.
  • If you need a replacement card, you can go online and request a new card, replacement cards are £5 each.
  • There is a section on our site where you can purchase pockets and lanyards in bulk quantities of 25 or more in a variety of colours. We would suggest the teachers buying the pockets and lanyards and you can resell these at the studio. (Coming Soon)
  • You will need to download a barcode scanning app from the Apple Store or Google Play. We use an app called “Barcodelist”. You simply scan the QR codes and the app creates a list. Simply email the list to yourself and the file will open in a CSV file.
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